Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pancakes Make Mornings Complete

Going gluten and dairy free a few months ago has presented it's challenges.  Although I love the benefits it's brought - decreased weight, increased choices in tasty comfort food has greatly decreased.
Breakfast used to be my favorite meal.  Seriously what's better than pancakes to start your day?  It's been months, but I think I finally found a gluten free pancake recipe that fills the hole.  All you pancake deprived g-free eaters, Enjoy!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

One Year Hippie Stick-To-It-Ness

Hey'o! This blog has been alive for exactly one year and I have you amazing peoples to thank! If it wasn't for seeing the number of followers creep up, the emails and comments come in, I'd probably have quit by now....because I get bored easily.  You all keep me on my toes and are helping to shape this hippie space so, Thank You!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gardens All Begin as a Dream

Because I can't take the polar vortex I call Pennsylvania any longer, I have decided to dream only of warm green days.  I'm in serious need of some vitamin D and warm soil to dig into.  Since I'm sure you're feeling the same way, you should start dreaming about your garden plans like me.  I'll probably start planning for real soon but for now, I'm in dreaming mode.  Hopefully you'll feel encouraged by the beauty of the upcoming growing season! Here are my top 5 dreams for our outdoor space this year.

Raspberry Support
All women know, good support is necessary.  So I'm going all out for my red ruby beauties this year and dreaming of some substantial support.  This will be our second year cultivating raspberries and with two promised yields, I'm thinking with the right support, there will be plenty of fresh berries and jam in my future.    

More Herbs Please
I'm still toying with the idea of a dedicated container herb garden or building a small raised bed for just herbs, but either way, I'm putting major focus on these edibles this year.  I feel like I lack in this area yet it's literally the spice of life! I need more herbs in my life!

Strawberries or Grapes, the Great Debate
I want strawberries, PL wants grapes.  Probably neither will happen because we're stubborn like that.  With blueberries, raspberries and a peach tree to boot, we really can only take on one extra fruit crop this year, but we can't agree on which one.  Strawberries are simply just nostalgic for me.  Although I do make some bangin strawberry jam, I think I really just want them for Iz to run through and eat to her strawberry hearts delight.  Some of my greatest childhood memories were from my dad's garden and stealing strawberries when he wasn't looking.
However, PL has the amazing argument of grapes that also produce jam and in the future will provide our own wine.  I can be highly swayed towards any side holding wine so...we'll see what happens.

Pretty Up The Porches  
Our house is what you would call a fixer upper, of sorts.  It's that little house that you envision great things for and then oops, real life steps in, big things fall apart in the house, and several years later you realize the outside of your home looks like a hot mess.  So,  we're dedicating a little porch TLC so it looks a little prettier and new visitors don't come into our front door terrified. In case you're thinking this part isn't garden related, you should know that our garden encompasses over half of our yardage and I'm still planning on growing edible things out of pretty pots on the porch. 

Bed Upheaval   
I can't say this is a happy dream but none the less, it needs to happen.  Therefore, I'm "dreaming" about it to get myself pumped!  Apparently, our raised garden beds are facing the wrong way.  Who cares, right?  Well, apparently our plants and the sun are besties and they don't like the fact that they can't see each other all day long. Ridiculous, I know! It also gets a little harried during the planning and plotting season when we're trying to remember how tall and bushy carrots get and if the spinach can withstand a little shading.  So to make everyone happy, vegetables included, we're going to turn the boxes so they can soak in all the sun they can handle.  My back is already yelling at me.  I have promised it an extra glass of wine the day this "dream" comes true.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Moms Were Made to Change the World Too

This is somewhat of a treacherous ground that I tread upon as I write today because the topic is fresh in my head, strong on my heart yet challenged on various levels.  It's no surprise to many that I believe women are strong, intelligent and amazing creatures that God created to change the world.  I think he gave us unending hearts full of love and grace to unleash on the world.  He gave us minds that can look at different angles while being challenged by a full plate of responsibilities.  He made woman last of all and said, it is good!  And we are. We also completely underestimate ourselves and dismiss the power we hold.  And I'm talking to mommas specifically here. 

I've become somewhat disenchanted with the thought process that when you become a mom, you've entered a "season" where everything else is put on hold.   Yes, your life changes and you may be called to put certain things on hold, but the idea that your one and only focus becomes your child has slowly been rubbing me the wrong way.  I love my child to itty bitty pieces and she is a great bulk of my focus, but she also knows she isn't the full.  My child knows that I like to read 'chapter books' and that I like to write in my pale pink notebook.  She knows that I love sipping my coffee under warm blankets or visiting coffee shops with good music.  She knows that a bakery is always the first stop on our "date" day and that there are days where we visit people that need help.  She knows that there is more to life than her and I, and she has embraced it.

I tell you this not because I think I'm awesome, because I'm really not. (Ask my friends, really, I'm not.)  I tell you because I think moms need to hear that its okay not to lose ourselves, our dreams, our callings, our passions to our children.  When we do this, we ourselves not only lose out, but the world loses out on our amazing giftings.  It's important to remember that our children can easily become an idol in our life which will not only hurt the family unit, but keep us from focusing on our Creator and what he has called us to do. 

People often question why I heavily advocate for orphan care.  Why I spend "so much time" outside of my home volunteering and leading others to care.  The fact of the matter is, I have God given gifts that he's given me to use.  He's placed burning desires in my heart that I've allowed him to fuel the fire on, and it's okay that I pursue them because he placed them there to bring him glory!  I bring my child along for the ride, and she loves it too.  In fact, even when I'm tired and think what's the point, I remember that my child will come after me in this world. If I don't care enough to bring justice, why should she care?  What will the world look like in her time if neither her or I care?

I think God has placed different gifts and burning desires in each mommas heart, it may be faint, but it's there.  If we're not willing to let the flame ignite though, we're truly missing out, and so are our kids.  As mommas, we're charged with the big responsibility of molding the hearts and minds of Mini-Me's; trust me when I say, they will learn more by our actions.  Our actions might include orphan care or anti-sex trafficking advocacy.  It may be in the form of loving on the elderly, your actual neighbor or volunteering at the homeless shelter.  It may mean mentoring teens or young moms.  Or it could be as simple as beginning to educate yourself on the world and learning what your own heart's desire is.  It's okay if you don't know yet. Just be open to igniting that spark in your heart because your children, your family, they'll notice and they'll say, 'I always knew she was a world changer.'

Agree or Disagree?  Are mommas meant to "season in" or are they meant to dig deep and be a world changer?